Association Aéronautique
Verdon Alpilles

Our Club, in the French Southern Alps, situated at a very favourable place between the Regional Park of the Luberon and the Regional Park of the Verdon River welcomes you to learn, practice and get a better knowledge of soaring activities!

Flying freely from Vinon!

The Po Valley & The Viso Mount

The Cervin

The Canyon of the Verdon River

The Pink Mount


Do you feel attracted by Northern and Southern Alps?

If so, Vinon is the right place for you!

In our brand-new facilities, we shall allow you to discover this wonderful soaring site, fulfil all your wishes and offer you several new opportunities:

  • Hiring a two-seater and a qualified instructor for a whole week.
  • Coached solo flights.
  • Group rates specifically meant for airclubs with or without their gliders.

You are not yet an experienced mountain pilot?

If so, Vinon is the right place for you!

Taking-off from our airfield, you will fly above the Durance Valley, from Manosque to Gap, then to the well-known Serre-Ponçon dam, or close to the Pic de Bure, always as if you were flying over flats grounds, and staying permanently within range of an airfield.
With appropriate teaching, you will the graduate to proper mountain flying in optimum safety conditions and discover the “Parcours du Combattant” ( the Obstacle Course ) from the village of Moustiers to the lake of Savines, then further to Saint-Crépin and Briançon, always within range of an airfield.
A large parking area is available for your machines ( along RWY28 N ). So is our clubhouse, with an adequate modern briefing room. You will be warmly welcome at the Office.
Every morning, you will attend an exhaustive meteo briefing. The Club has a fleet of three towplanes, plus an ultra-light tow. These launching means can be increased during the peak season.
Should you have technical problems, you can get valuable help from the workshop, or at the Atelier Régional (ARAPA).
Possibility of on-site catering and accommodation on or around the grounds. You will get free access to the swimming pool.
Have a look at our site, give us a phone call, and visit us as soon as next spring or summer!

Last news!

Vinon memory

Webcam runway 28

Webcam Sud

North view webcam

Webcam Nord

Tracking glider


Access map

Let’s stay in contact!

1, lieu dit l'Aérodrome
83560 - Vinon sur Verdon
Telephone: +33 4 92 78 82 90

Cell phone: +33 6 95 55 29 78
8h30 - 12h30 // 13h30 - 16h 30  Monday to Sunday
Fax: +33 4 92 78 95 78


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