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The AAVA runs one of the most numerous glider fleet in France: 18 sailplanes, 3 towplanes, and one ultra-light towplane. As a consequence, each member can always find a machine which matches his wishes and training level.


For initial training

To make basic training easier, the AAVA provides its students with a range of well-adapted material:


1 SF25 90CV F-CHCR 

Used for initial and campaign training and also TMG qualifications 





ASK21 (F-CJCN / F-CJEM)3 ASK 21 (F-CJCN / F-CJEM/D6709)

The ASK21 is the K13’s successor. Made of composite material, it is nowadays a widespread type in the French soaring clubs. Moreover, it has aerobatic capacities.
It is the first genuine fibreglass ship that the students fly.

 k21 TM

 1 DG 1001 F-CPVB

Plastic tandem 18 / 20m that can be used as well in school of beginning as perfecting.

DG10001 2


To improve your soaring knowledge

In this sector, the fleet is also homogeneous and well-adapted. These machines are widely-appreciated as they provide valuable help all through the cross-country training phase.

duo discus3 Duo-Discus F-CMEI / F-CIDR / D-6122

The Duo Discus is the machine we all dreamed of. Its characteristics (efficient controls, easy to fly, high performance standards, wide comfortable cockpit ) make it an outstanding club sailplane. We are happy to have three of them in our fleet.

F-CIDR, is fitted with a “fly-by-hand” device, which enables the Club to welcome handicapped pilots.

4 C101 Pégase ( F-CGBV, F-CHGO, F-CHLC, F-CHGH, the latter belonging to the Aneg organization)

The Pégase is the most representative of the French-built sailplanes. A 400 of them are still in airworthiness conditions in the French airclubs. One of ours is fitted with a “malonnier” ( fly-by-hand ) device.

2  LS4 F-CLMF / D-8973/D-4243

The LS4 is the single-seater which has been built in the largest numbers (1000 and more still flying around the world ). This very comfortable, easy to fly sailplane can please all types of pilots.


 73 1












For long-range flights


arcus1 Arcus (F-CZCX, belonging to Airbus Helicopters)

The Arcus is a recently-studied sailplane which combines comfort, high standards of performance and outstanding handling capacities.

This machine belongs to the Soaring Club of Airbus Helicopters but is nevertheless available for all qualified club members. Thanks to them for the loan!




ASH 25 : F-CGKT1 ASH 25 (F-CGKT)

Our club’s flagship has a 25 m. wingspan. This sailplane, owing to its outstanding glide ratio, makes long-range flights possible towards Switzerland or to the centre of France.

A few years ago, flying this machine, Gérard Herbaud and Geneviève Berger performed a 1000 km. out and return flight to Gien (near Orleans).





1 LS6-15m (F-CGIE)

One of the latest single-seater to have joined the club fleet. The LS6 is today the type of glider with the best price/ quality ratio. It is widely appreciated among the pilots, some of them hoping that a “sister-ship” will come soon…


2 Ventus 2C (F-CIGG)/D-2080

With its 18m wingspan, the Ventus 2c is the flagship of the single-seaters, combining outstanding glide ratio and performance. Club pilots are so happy to fly this machine that it has become, for several years now, the sailplane which performs the highest number of flight hours per year.

Ventus D 2080


1 LS8/18 (F-CPVA)

The newest member of the fleet!

As the LS4, but more efficient, the LS8 offers great comfort and excellent handling capacities.


1 JS1 : F-CPAH (Airbus helicopter)

Le JS1 est un monoplace moderne de conception très récente qui allie confort, performance et maniabilité.

Il appartient à la section vélivole d’Airbus Helicopter qui le met à la disposition des membres de l’association. Merci à eux !


For launching duties

1 DR 300-180     DR300180


DR 400-180 : F-GORY / F-GLKP2 DR 400-180 : F-GORY / F-GLKP








Dynamic : F-JRUW1 WT9 Dynamic : F-JBOO



Tracking glider


Access map

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