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It is with great sadness that we learn of Utta's passing.

Utta was inseparable from our friend Werner Waldenberger, honorary member of our association, whom she accompanied during his stays in Vinon.

Utta was a respected figure in the European gliding community. Her skills, enthusiasm and dedication to our sport were undeniable. A talented pilot, Utta was also an outstanding mechanic. Capable, during the big days of the CMVVM, of repairing damaged gliders during the night to allow their owners to continue the competition. Utta was for a long time the “Prüffer” of our gliders when they were registered in Germany. We will also keep the image of her helping on the runway.

Beyond these qualities, she was also a friend to many. Her stories of flying adventures and her wisdom were a source of inspiration. Her presence in Vinon was also a constant reminder of the friendship between our countries.

Utta, you may have left the earthly realm, but your spirit will forever soar high in the heavens you loved so much.

It is with sadness that the AAVA informs you of the death of Etienne Grenapin, a member of the AAVA for many years.

E Grenapin

It is with sadness that the AAVA informs you of the death of Roger Huertas on May 11th 2023.

Roger was one of the founding members of the AAVA in the early 60's with the Marcy family and was one of the honorary members of the association

.roger Huertas




huertas 2


It is with sadness that AAVA informs you of the sudden death of Jacques Talan, an active member of AAVA for many years.

IMG 6304

Tracking glider


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