Association Aéronautique Verdon Alpilles


Our Club is very happy to fly from one of the finest soaring-dedicated airfields in France and most probably in Europe.

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We can accommodate up to 100 sailplanes simultaneously, but also the crew and family members, accompanying the pilots thanks to:

  • a camp site with more than 100 caravans and mobile-homes permanently based in Vinon.
  • a secondary camp site devoted to short-term visitors.
  • Empfangs bereich Interne Regeln 2021
  • 9 bedrooms for temporary members.
  • 2 sanitary blocks with showers, toilets, washing machines…
  • a swimming pool.
  • a club-house with upstairs, a briefing room, the CFI’s office and a flight simulator room, and on the ground floor, a large room where you can cook your meals, a terrace with grill, several refrigerators and an electric cooker.


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All useful information about Vinon and its surroundings can be found on the site of the town’s touring office.

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In Kontakt bleiben

1, lieu dit l'Aérodrome
83560 - Vinon sur Verdon
Telefon : +33 4 92 78 82 90

Cell phone: +33 6 95 55 29 78
8h 30 - 12h30 // 13h30 - 16h30 [Von Montag bis Sonntag]
Fax : +33 4 92 78 95 78


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